Sunday, September 2, 2012

Empty Chairs, Empty Suits

People are saying ( real people, not the corporate persons ) that Clint is just getting ideological dementia, "wet brain", or both .But he was just applying the expertise he learned in his craft and he actually played that rough crowd pretty well. Too bad he came off just as right wing nut as many of them are, but now we know how far this old white man’s political senses have degenerated. And it’s sad to see a great icon of American culture make us and himself appear as fools worldwide.

The DNC may now place TWO empty chairs on stage for the remainder of their convention, one for OBL, and one for Khadafi. UPDATE: Clint Eastwood has returned to directing his new movie, an all-chair version of "Macbeth". Coming soon: Clint Eastwood gets tough with furniture in "I PITY THE STOOL!"

I did find it disturbing when Clint Eastwood said, "We own this country" that drew wild applause from a crowd of rich fat cats and their sycophants. They blew the entire bump (Selyukh 2012) that the convention could have gotten, gone with the wind. This illustrates the current cheap, shallow, bigoted thinking that most of the convention delegates displayed when they threw peanuts at the African-American female CNN camerawoman calling her "an animal" & didn't even applaud R-money's expression of caring for the less fortunate in his speech. You could have heard a pin drop after that last one. Could have been worse, I suppose, with Ron Paul making an even more bigoted speech and getting a standing ovation for "let 'em die!” Between Akin and Eastwood, we’re getting a much clearer view into the cursed soul of the Teapublican party that helps to expose their thinking for what it really is.  

“How can they remain effective when they've been so overwhelmingly discredited by the media? The answer is the Republican Party has developed three means of bypassing the mainstream media and its fact-checkers.” (Reich 2012)

(Reich 2012) ”The first is by repeating big lies so often in TV spots - (…)The second is by discrediting the mainstream media - (…) The third is by using its own misinformation outlets - (…) Together, these three mechanisms are creating a parallel Republican universe of Orwellian dimension - where anything can be asserted, where pollsters and political advisers are free to create whatever concoction of lies will help elect their candidate, and where "fact-checkers" are as irrelevant and intrusive as is the truth." 

I'm certain that Hurricane Isaac was a deadly thing for the Gulf coast, but a not enough of a good thing for the drought stricken Midwest. Isaac was also successful at messing up the RNC schedule, whose staff and R-money could not deal with it. Just another reason we don't want this crew answering that 0300 in the morning phone call.

This is dedicated to Mittwitt caving in to the sniveling evil thinking of dark money at the RNC. If you and your billionaire buddies can be entertained by the Commodores at your private party, then take a ride on the "Cracker Bay" from the Tampa marina, then we can listen to the Spinners singing in reference to your ideological elasticity. And realize how everything you do is just spin. Nothing is coming from your moral core values. You may be just an empty suit after all. We'll never know, because you're headed for the ash bin of history if the electorate with any common sense can remember what those 8 Bush years did to us, and don’t want to repeat those grievous errors again. 

I just heard Ohio got it's early voting back and Florida just got slammed also (I know about Texas already, but that's longer term). Reason for optimism ? I think there is an invisible hand at work here, and it's not Clint Eastwood. I may have lost faith in 38% of the hard core brain dead electorate, but I am more confident of the remaining America and my faith overall. ‎

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