Thursday, October 4, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Indifferent

Wednesday's Presidential Debate was such a great sleep aid, I watched it twice. I marveled at R-money attending the debate after smoking Shabu. Obama was either playing Angry Birds or running some Special Operation on the other side of the world we'll never know about while looking down at what had to be his Blackbird. R-money was all about killing Big Bird. CAN YOU TELL ME THE WAY TO SESAME STREET ??? (Garcia, Oct 3, 2012)

This was apparently a planned giveaway b/c it was on the economy. That's the only explanation that really makes sense. Now watch what happens next. R-money is going to wind up with a stroke, but it's ok, don't feel bad. He can afford great health care, he owns the company (like the Hair Club for Men):

R-money's great hairdo aside, this was just the opener for the end game of his campaign, where he squirms and struggles to get the Electoral College to lean his way. Not going to happen. The surprising voter registration drives combined with coordinated Teapublican voter fraud and State Supreme Court judges finding religion along with a competent DOJ are effectively protecting us against some of the worst the Jim Crow II movement initiated by the Teapublican party has to offer.

The Teapubs are about to be thrashed now in the 2012 Senate and perhaps the House of Misrepresentation as well. No taxation without representation ? The Teapubs were banking on doing away with both those vital functions of government. (Reich, Oct 4, 2012)

But back to the widely watched debate itself. Witness something surprising cogent and insightful by the Rev. Al Sharpton, who have come a long way as an orator himself after being immersed at MSNBC:

"Romney's problem is that this debate is in 2012, not 1812. We have things like we can hit a button and say, show what he has said before. No doubt Mitt Romney was at his best tonight but his best is not good enough. when you look at the fact that he's saying that taxes will not go up on the middle class, yet he is proposing all the way through this campaign, dealing with deductions in terms of mortgage investments, dealing with deductions in terms of charity, it will in fact go up on the middle class and a much lower tax rate for the rich. The facts will not bear him out. When he stood there all night advocating states' rights across the board, what is that saying to women about who is going to decide on women's issues? What is that saying to minorities about immigration, civil rights, and voting rights?" (Coyote 2012)

(Coyote 2012) "This man went back to the 19th century on states' rights all night long. When we hear him stand up there and talk about things that are patently contradictory to his position, what I'm surprised at; he cares so much for the poor, so much for the disadvantaged. Would that be the 47% that he said were moochers and had no responsibility? Is this the 47% that he had a Damascus Road experience walking up to that rostrum tonight? So his problem is not going to be Barack Obama or Lehrer, His problem is going to be Mitt Romney because when they play Romney as opposed to the Romney tonight, he's going to look like a flagrant and blatant flip flopper."

(Coyote 2012) "I agree that it's going to be two or three days before we get the verdict, so I would suggest to the court that he [Romney] made a good testimony. But he will be indicted for perjury because he's lying. When you take what he said tonight and compare it to his proposals, to what he has said, to what he's represented, to the Ryan plan; it does not match what he said tonight. So how  are we going to be impressed with someone that made a very passionate and a very articulate series of lies tonight."

Excellent concise commentary. As well done by a so-called "second stringer" giving R-money his comeuppance from a usually mocked or suppressed constituency as any one of the other pundits.

All in all it was a well deserved scoring of points by an impassioned corporate shill who lies for a living his entire life makes a good effort, but it will all be for naught. I don't recommend counting those chickens in the Electoral College until they hatch, but it still appears that it's going to remain a lost cause. Enough Americans have come to their senses through this tortuous campaign mainly caused by a strange Republican primal primary battle. The rest of the sheeple can just stay tuned to Fox Noise and swallow that swill. (Huffpo 2012)

The Senate appears to be staying in Democratic hands, and the House of Misrepresentation appears to hold heavy losses for great numbers of the less than useless obstructionist Tea Billie freshmen. They're getting kicked back out by the same majority of female voters that made the mistake of joining some of their neanderthal male white husbands in voting the Teabillies into that majority in the first place. They won't be fooled again.

But it remains to be seen what's going to be left of the "old" Republican party voting block at this time, we'll have to see. But the above cleansings are the most important tasks to be done, and it looks like they are going along quite well on the road to be accomplished. I notice that Ms. Pelosi, one of the most accomplished congresswomen in recent history is dusting off her appropriately sized gavel (one that holds real power, unlike Boehner's lack of control over the undisciplined Teabilly mob).

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