Thursday, January 30, 2014

Impending Doom And The Implosion Of The GOP

The sky is falling, the sky is falling ! Ok chicken or I mean chickenhawk Graham it appears more likely that right wingnut heads are about to explode. While I'm not certain that the numerous foreign policy victories of our current commander-in-chief are going to be as significant as Nixon's successful China outreach (although that is the present day situation where we have endless small crises in contrast to the simplistic cold war proxies), history may prove it to be so.

And Cruz oversimplifies everything to the level of a Dr. Suess book so his incredibly politically unsophisticated right wing fringe followers can swallow his adapted for Fox Noise swill. I for one believe that he has been watching too many movies like "The Rock" and "Under Seige". HIS crafted views are clearly not grounded in reality and appear to be preferring to appeal to the mass appeal of right wing propaganda which has proven to be so effective in skewing such real issues of jobs and income inequality or addressing real solutions to our most pressing problems. Brave New World anyone ? This is the "soma" of the far right and is proving to be very effective after being tested by the Bachmanns of their fold.

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