Sunday, July 15, 2012

Increasing Millions in Red States Suffer Without Healthcare

Red State Governors Exclude Millions to Billions of ACA Healthcare Dollars

Why is it that the red states who have the highest numbers of the least able to afford healthcare coverage are also nearly all the same states who now are refusing to cooperate with the newly declared constitutionally valid Affordable Care Act ?

 Regardless of how you feel about how heavy a burden this coverage is on their budgets, you can not simply wave a magic Teapublican wand and wish these people away. They are also Americans just the same as you and no matter how you strive to repress their vote, they also have this right to vote as they please guaranteed by that same Constitution that you wave in everyone's face virtually any chance you get. The same short shrift you give to the Bill of Rights which few seem to truly understand is given to the indigent among us, regardless of the moral imperative to help the less fortunate, but that is a rave for another post.

  The rising cost of healthcare premiums in it's inexorable march upwards has, and is still putting healthcare beyond the reach of so many Americans that the claim of our system being the best in the world must be changed to the inequitable best for those who can afford it.

Red states might also do well to consider that the ACA also goes a long way towards reducing the deficit in the coming years, just when we'll be right to concentrate our gaze along those lines. This is such a borrowed and blue Republican idea, back from when Sen. Hatch, Sen Dole et al. were advocating for healthcare reform including the healthcare exchanges, that you'd think that this new disloyal opposition would go right along with it.

And finally, these recalcitrant red states, especially Florida, South Carolina, and Louisiana will find that not only can they not afford to boycott some of the most financially and socially redeemable legislation to come down the pike since the LBJ years and civil rights laws, but a changed political landscape in which they have become islands of unaffordable antiquity.

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