Thursday, July 12, 2012

 Welcome one and all, I'm brand new at this, but I do believe that I have both the interest and the time to keep an effort going. Please forgive my sleepy, sloppy scribbling as I try to keep a good sense of humor about it, and create something we can all enjoy. Besides, with all these fancy word processing tools, how far could I go wrong ?

 I'll be asking some very good writers on Facebook that I've come to know and admire, and am fairly certain that they'll have plenty of well thought out political and social ideas for all of us to share and ponder. Who knows, perhaps we'll discover a whole trove of budding political essayists in time !

 I have some faith left for those of progressive ideas purporting to be the 75th percentile of same, lol.
In the meantime feel as free as you please to rant, rave, and ramble in the commenting sections, because this is a BLOG, not someone's personal Facebook page or particular cause. Trolling is frowned upon, but the editing power is not to be exercised as these demons are exorcised in other social media, for here it's just another form of expression as long as it's reasonable and not filibustering. Thought provoking is not the same as baiting, however, so just keep it interesting for the sake of us all, thank you.  Come then, let the observations begin ! 

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  1. Just saying hello & glad for you to to have created this space/...a new planet. Salude!-L.