Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Wild Wild West

 Mayor Bloomberg Testifies

 It almost did involve my sons tonight, Mr. Mayor.  After viewing considerable discussion from non-gun nuts, it appears that yes, there is no correlation between most gun laws and gun homicides, as in Russia. However, there IS a very concrete even cause and effect between gun possession and suicide and accidental homicide rates. So those are those facts. Now the reality of life sets in, and while I was just watching the beginning of the Harris-Perry show and her coverage of the Aurora mess, I heard two shots nearby not 10 minutes after I had sent my younger son out for milk and my older son was still on his way home. Turns out there was a man shot in the chest around the corner from us so close that they were still searching our backyard for another perp or the firearm. I'm sick of this. I'm retired military and EMS, have seen it all before, but I don't want to see it anymore.... Now I completely agree with Mr. Bloomberg about something. As a former NYPD radio dispatcher, and friend of numeous cops back then, they'd all agree with getting guns off the street.

  The show was recorded, I was watching it prior to 10:40 PM (EST), which was the aproximate time of the shooting, give or take 5 minutes. I saw nothing to be of use as a witness, because around the corner and slightly uphill is out of my field of vision from my  apartment.

   You know how the guns come into NYC, they're largely smuggled in on the "Iron Pipeline", which refers to guns acquired through illegal straw purchases in the Southeast and smuggled up the I-95 corridor, and from around the country from private gun shows as well.

Operation Young Guns

 Here's "America's Mayor", who I vehemently disagree with on many issues, making a ton of sense. Must have been because it was coming from his core as Federal prosecutor who knows better than the average joe. I see the FOP is in the NRAs pocket, with the NRA being a much feared lobbying influence on scared rabbit Republicans.

1800 was the yearly gun homicide total when I was working on the street as a "Tactical Patrol" unit in Brooklyn, where most of the shootings occurred. Six is the highest number of "cracked chests" that I've seen AT ONE TIME simultaneously in Kings County Emergency Room. Two is the number of shots I hear that were pumped into the chest of a man next to my house (well, apartment) tonight while I was watching a tape of this show. Two is also the number of sons I have, and thank God they're safe with me tonight. Well, are we really ? 

Getting mental health help is not always timely, of course. But getting all that ammo online ? Acquiring real CS or CN gas that works ? Getting an assault rifle (who cares where it got it's classification) since the federal law expired in 1996 ?

You can't realistically tell me that everything is just fine and dandy, because I've been living it, and it's not.  There's not much difference living here on so-called placid Staten Island as there is when I was visiting Panama and hearing the shots there from Noriega's old buried weapons being used in robberies. OUR own society is in serious decline, and we have to take responsibility for that.

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