Tuesday, August 28, 2012

6 Factors Causing Romney Reign Delay

Party Crashers to the Coronation

Several limiting factors have been dogging Rmoney for the last six years he's been running for the presidency, longer than his present formidable opponent, an incumbent president. Not that he is battle shy, politically anyway, having camouflaged his Vietnam draft avoidance that neatly dovetailed with his Mormon pseudo missionary cover. He tried to take on Senator Kennedy in 1994 at a time that perhaps did some good for the Senator himself in his personal and political development. And Rmoney was able to apply the lessons of that campaign in his rather predatory takeover of the 2002 Republican Massachusetts Governor primary mess taking it to a successful finish.

But that governorship by all accounts became just a stepping stone to be consumed by his own nearly blind ambition. This ambition may work out just fine in the boardroom especially when you own the corporation lock, stock, and barrel, but after his Olympic reorganization, one of his sub-specialties, it has not been sufficient to sustain his hunger for power. In that executive position, if the Teapublicans are the "party of no", then Rmoney was the "no governor" because he vetoed so much legislation that was simply overridden by the Massachusetts legislature. That's not how you govern. Now the one thing that he accomplished in that office, the compromise to set up and pass the "Romneycare" bill, is the one success he consistently won't talk about or build on.

One could say that when one can be true to one's self, than you can easily be faithful to the standard of truth in all things. Rmoney's decision to take on the chains of an ideologue by embracing the far right and denying his own religious core values sculpted him so that he was no longer a moral leader, only an individual driven by the cultisim of being a CEO. Its as if that Mormon side of him is suppressed, and must be most likely why the former Mormon Bishop  rarely, if ever speaks about it.

But the decision to only use the skills he developed as a CEO is also at the bottom of why he's been losing for 6 years, and will continue to fail in these endeavors. Few pure businessmen have been successful at running for the presidency, which requires a different, more blended set of political skills than the corporate executive brings to bear. (Adler 2012)

He can't stop denying to himself and others who he really is, but if threw out all this irrelevant radical right hogwash, no one will accuse him of going "Jimmy Carter", who was also a deeply religious man. Not anyone rational, anyway. And who cares about the naysayers, because then "it t'ain't nobody's business if you do".

"In the typical American company, budgetary control rests with the CEO. But in America’s system of separated powers, Congress, not the president, controls the purse strings. The president’s budgetary power is limited to recommendations." (Lind 2012)

 (LInd 2012) "Finally, business executives may be blinkered by narrow perspectives that are actually harmful to the system in which they flourish. That is because what benefits each particular business in the short run may be bad for the capitalist economy as a whole in the long run. Many business executives would prefer to pay less in wages and taxes. But if every business pays as little to its workers as possible, consumer demand in the economy as a whole may collapse, bringing down businesses which require mass markets with it. And without adequate taxes crime, corruption and poor infrastructure will impose rising costs on the private sector."

So besides his wrongful emphasis on his business "record" and justifying his CEO skills as having an exaggerated value, along with his misplaced ambition, here are some other factors that are currently keeping him down: (Perdum 2012)

1. The "sign". "In Rome, Jupiter also sent signs to the leaders of the state in the form of auspices in addition to thunder. The art of augury was considered prestigious by ancient Romans; by sending his signs, Jupiter (the sovereign of heaven) communicates his advice to his terrestrial colleague: the king (rex) or his successor magistrates." (Wikipedia 2012)

Hopefully, this sign is just for wannabe magistrates, like the current challenger. But just the same, perhaps he might consider that this natural event has some significance for his quest for the holy grail of higher office. Well, we can dream, can't we ? It is stealing some of his thunder, no doubt.

2. The "last stand" mentality. There is no "open hand" offered to minority voters, instead a backhand across the face by numerous Red state attempts at voter suppression even when it's been recently revealed that voter fraud is a myth, with legal challenges to the Civil Rights Act of 1965 section 5. This is the Grand Obstructionist Party's last chance to be inclusive, and it has rejected this approach, preferring instead to rally its base and only its base, with some transparent attempts to sucker in a few more working class stiffs. This is the first time in history that a candidate has achieved a zero percentage of African Americans polling that support him.

3. The constant propagandizing of party talking points and untruths. The talking points are a familiar technique by both major parties, but lying is apparently reserved to the Teapublicans, and attempts to achieve success by constant repetition, ala Joseph Goebbles. One of the two latest examples are the false claims that the savings that the Affordable Care Act extracts from Medicare Advantage HMOs that spend too much on other than patient care and top heavy hospitals  are actually deducted from patients care accounts instead. The same number that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)  Second is that the President has personally taken out the work requirement for welfare, when in reality he had responded to requests by governors, many from Red states in fact, for more flexibility in that section of the law by exploring what additional methods to have people return to work may be employed, such as job training and the like. Liars are not thought of very highly by the electorate in general.

4. The wooden elitist image that Rmoney never seems to be able to shape or shake. NBC & CNN both ran this weekend what were supposed to be in-depth interviews and the life stories of Rmoney and his family, but the similarities between the two programs were so great to be anything but coordinated versions of what he chose to reveal. And that was pretty much the same rehash of past interviews, stories, and talking points that we've been privy to since his six year campaign began. Nobody knows much about his Mormon beliefs, or any of his own personal philosophy. Is he really that shallow ? People still seem to like the President even though they hold him responsible for the economy, when all he really has is the bully pulpit while the do-nothing Congress holds the purse strings and refuses all his initiatives. And they don't like Rmoney much.

5. The tax returns. I'd call them income tax returns, but how he gets his allowance is nothing like what most Americans get as paychecks. No one knows why Rmoney keeps them under wraps, only released one, wants to release one more just before the election, or what he keeps in those overseas strongboxes or how he got as much as a hundred million dollars into an IRA. We'd all like to learn how to do that, but he won't tell us, and theories abound, none of them favorable to his candidacy. Some Teapublicans actually seem to admire him for his evasiveness, and I suppose those are the very same who don't seem to mind that we had our credit rating downgraded over conservative fiscal hijinks. Tax avoidance, although legal, is not patriotic and this is reportedly the only candidate to ever have a Swiss bank account, much less more in Bermuda and the Caymans, and lord knows where else.

6. And last, but not least, the so-called "War on Women", which the Teapublicans have been striving to fight ever since the 112th Congress began it's do-nothing session. Except the only bills besides a few make it or break it budgetary items to pass have been primarily anti-abortion legislation and naming some post offices. And Rmoney decided to not only pick as his VP the self appointed destroyer of Medicare, Paul Ryan who is a cosponsor with Todd Akin, Steven King et al on HR 212, "Sanctity of Human Life Act". This bill states its intent is "To provide that human life shall be deemed to begin with fertilization."

 It's a sorry state of affairs when they want to return us to the 12th century, which I picked because it marked the beginning of English Common Law when women had absolutely no say in their own reproductive rights to choose, among many other inequalities. I also picked the Middle Ages because they were also named the Dark Ages, the science of which many Teapublicans seem to embrace, such as women having defensive physiologic processes that prevent pregnancy if a sexual assault is "true", or "legitimate".

"In very few words, Akin managed to make three points. One was that rape victims can’t get pregnant. This theory goes back to our forefathers, who believed that in order for our foremothers to conceive, 'the womb must be in a state of delight.''They never asked the women,” said Margaret Marsh, the co-author of 'The Empty Cradle,' a history of infertility in America." (Collins 2012)

 (Collins 2012) "Maybe Akin’s real sin is that he exposed the phoniness of the rape-and-incest exception, which is just an attempt to make radical extremism look moderate. That and the theory of the delighted womb."


  1. Is some future blog entry going to tell us what Akin's other two points were?

    1. Inherent of the next two points of the reference were:(Collins 2012) "Part two was Akin’s mention of “legitimate rape.”, and "But it’s the third point in Akin’s comment that’s really important for this election. Before he got sidetracked into colonial-era biology, the veteran House member was trying to explain why he opposes abortion even in the case of rape." Unsuccessfully, of course.