Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Devils Going Down To Tampa

Tampa hosts a raucous pirate party every year called Gasparilla, where I'm certain the R-money crowd would feel right at home. But not this year. Of note, Dan Senor has been appointed to the personal staff of Pirate Ryan: 

"Under real-world rules, Dan Senor should not be anywhere near Mitt Romney‘s foreign policy inner circle. This is the man who, as spokesman for the disastrous Bush Administration reconstruction effort in Iraq, told a group of reporters, according to Imperial Life in the Emerald City by the Washington Post‘s Rajiv Chandrasekaran, “Off the record, Paris is burning. On the record, security and stability are returning to Iraq.” If there is a foreign policy moment in the past 20 years with which an adviser should not be prominently associated, it is the 2003 Paul Bremer era in Iraq, during which Rumsfeldian incompetence and willful ignorance produced an era-defining foreign policy failure" (Calabresi 2012).

No, this year, while over half of America's counties are declared disaster areas, with the most wildfires in history burning across the West, and the entire heartland is suffering drought as bad as the Dustbowl of the thirties with much of our food and commodity crops in ruin, the Teapublican obstructionists that have blocked feeding the poor and helping the producers with a Farm Bill are going down to Tampa for their Circus Maximus. Hope you enjoy the double digit food price increases next year, see ya. 

“Unlucky birds settled on the Capitol, houses fell in numerous earthquakes and the weak were trampled by the fleeing crowd." ~ Tacitus 

What will they do there ? Well, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell will head the GOP platform committee (AP 2012). And welcome to the "Rape Party", where now even Barry Goldwater looks like a liberal feminist in retrospect. Ryan and his intellectually stunted House partner Todd Akin are Ultrasound Congressmen just as the Virginian Governor was, and still is. They co-sponsor anti-abortion bills like the third bill introduced in the 112th Congress as well as the 212th bill, and name some post offices. Nothing so useful as a workable jobs bill. So don't expect too much. Some hot air escaping from the hair bag "Jersey Barrier" Gov. Christie, who's loved for his Soprano's style buffoonery, picked as the keynote speaker. And some confirmations from the far right radical wing nuts, that's about it. And some assorted "entertainment" (Alvarez 2012).

“Todd who spoke out in defiance
With Ryan has an alliance
After he loses
Hope he ne'er chooses
To teach reproductive science”
~ Blitzschnell

Akin's defense: "She Blinded Me With Science"
“Todd, hollering and hooting
 Against victims seems to be rooting
It shows the harm
To use the funny farm
In Senate candidate recruiting”
~ Blitzschnell

Some other indications of what direction besides right turns this strange party will be making, are to survey two more of Pirate Ryan's circle of neocon advisors:
"Matthew Scully is considered to be one of the preeminent Republican speechwriters of the past decade, from his work for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney during the 2000 presidential campaign to his speeches for Sarah Palin four years ago. {John} McConnell, who works with Scully, is a Yale Law grad. He rose to prominence during the Bush years, where he served as one of Bush 43’s top writers. He also penned many speeches for Vice President Cheney, with whom he remains close" (Costa 2012).

"Without explicitly banning puppets, the city of Tampa has essentially declared them illegal in the RNC event zone, which covers most of the downtown area.'Their components are not allowed inside the event zone,' said Andrea Davis of the Tampa Police Department.
No sticks, strings or masks allowed.
So, no puppets.
'Also their heads have been used to hide weapons and other matter, fecal matter,' she said" (Anton

"Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes" (I fear Greeks even those bearing gifts). "That's a suppression of civil liberties," protests one Philadelphia puppeteer" (Spak 2012). Several Teapublican puppets will be speaking at the convention, such as Huckabee, and the voter suppressor Governors of Ohio and Florida. 

Read the legal precedent on which the Pennsylvania judge based his approving decision on the voter ID law. It's the northern equivalent of Jim Crow laws. I kid you not. And listen to one of the Ohio Governor's chief advisors telling us to quote him on denying black voters opportunity to vote. 

Then reconsider how anyone who's voting for this "crew" can be still proud to be an American. Proud to permit corporations to ship American jobs and capital overseas, proud to starve the poor and feed the rich, proud to avoid taxes by burying it in foreign strongboxes around the world, proud to help Red states in performing old style racist voter suppression and legislating national socialist type "Enabling Laws" to deny women's reproductive rights. R & R have more in common with Iranian fundamentalists that they claim to despise, and organized crime that they strive to emulate, than with any "regular Joe". 

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