Friday, August 3, 2012

R-money's Three Ring Circus: Returns & Raising Taxes On The Regular Guy

The Blunderbuss Business Gangster Misses all his Targets

  Willard "MIttens" R-money is by now bewildered and again scrambling for cover. The world is not bowing to his demands, and he's being required to "compete" in enough "markets" simultaneously to make his head spin, which must be a frightening thing for the model mogul CEO that needs to be the one in complete control at all times. 

 In the main center ring of this circus atmosphere, mounting pressure to do the obvious that would deflate the demands for his tax returns is having no effect on his recalcitrance. Its only raising the collective eyebrows of most of the electorate not already considering him dieifed and infalible.

 "What's behind door number one ?", they ask. Mittens is considering himself to be publicly damned if he does, but he's doomed if he doesn't. What dark secrets lie undisturbed by the light of day in those returns ? The country can only wonder all the way until November about this enigma wrapped in a puzzle. This, the only presidential candidate in history to be in possession of a Swiss bank account, much less all the other secreted contents in the Caymans and Bermuda. 

 On the left, Mittens has been trying to appear to be just like the rest of us, ever more the "common man", the all-American Horatio Alger story, when we all know he was born with a silver spoon. This is not the "American exceptionalism" that the conservatives are promoting as social example, of the true "job creator", that myth is transparently false in Mitten's trasncendence to the nouveau riche. Witness his family's dressage business, taken to Olympic heights, with their eighth steed. 

It's one of the minor tragedies of this search for the holy grail of American politics and power that the R-monies could have made themselves attractive, even adorable, but alas, it's far too late now.

 And on the right, his cruelest cut of all, his proposed tax cut for the wealthiest of the power elite at the expense of the entire middle class, the wealthier the better. For whom the bell tolls ? It tolls for thee, Sir R-money, in the court of public opinion.

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