Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Man Overboard ! And The Crowd Cheers.

As the Ultrasonic Crows Circle Around Tampa, Todd Akins is Offered as a Human Sacrifice to the Teapublican Gods

  A funny thing happened to the Teapublican party on their way to the forum in Tampa. No, not the hurricane, not yet. They made a human sacrifice of one of their own, hoping to appease the women in America, with R-money's favorability polling unbalanced in favor of unfavorabilty now, and with Obama beating him 51-41% among women (UPI Aug 22, 2012). However, this appeasement is not likely to occur.

“Republicans are shrieking in dred
'Cause of what Todd Akin said
He won't end this fuss
Under the bus
He'll be strapped to its roof instead”
~ Blitzschell (Huffpo)

“Akin, we're appalled to see
 Is on the Science Committee
Republicans declare
He was put there
 For expertise in astrology”
~ Blitzschell (Huffpo)

  The pseudo-scientific myth from the 12th century that a sexually assaulted woman has biological defenses that are initiated by "legitimate rape" which Rep. Akin used to justify his ridiculous defense of the Teapublican anti-abortion crusades is now denounced by even him, but to no avail. His co-sponsors of HR 212 such as Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachmann still hold as absolute truth the justification for unnecessary prosecution is that of the "personhood" idea of life starting at conception, but only Akin has been sacrificed to appease the Gods.

  What sadly the Teapublican "strategists" have consistently failed to realize about the American "body politic" is not to consider "divide & conquer" as a winning strategy, because in this case, the female body also has ways of shutting down their whole election. Women may have helped to bring in the 2010 wave of Teapublican freshmen, but they are also more than capable of now contributing to a tsunami to take them right out again.

  The Senate is now a done deal to retain it's Democratic majority, as most observers will attest. What remains is whether they can hang on to their precious House. Well, we can only pray to God that they won't, for the people now realize who needs to "take the country back" from whom. God Bless the USA, the Justice Dept and especially the FBI, and the Secret Service. We need them to continue to perform at their professional best now more than ever.

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  1. I actually have more sympathy for the "personhood" argument. It is at least morally defensible. Claiming that abortion is murder except when the pregnancy was caused by rape is total nonsense. So far, SCOTUS has never accepted the murder argument.

    But, the privacy principle is under attack here, as it is with every abortion law. If women have a right to privacy in their interaction with physicians, every abortion law is a civil rights violation.