Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Issac Flash Update

Google is not allowing video/photo posts since last night, so I can only provide links:
Hurricane Isaac as Seen From the International Space Station - Aug. 28, 2012:

Tropical Storm #Isaac Intermediate advisory 34B issued. Isaac weakens to a tropical storm
Tropical Storm Isaac: 2 PM CT, 70 mph winds, 974 mb, moving NW at 6 mph.
has been "downgraded" to a tropical storm. However, high wind, lingering rainfall flooding, and surge flooding threats continue.

9.26" of rain has fallen in New Orleans so far, 5.21" in Mobile, and 3.42" in Gulfport, all as of 10am CDT.

iReporter finds two homes collapsed in New Orleans
PIC: Tombs, caskets floating in flood water from above ground cemetery near Braithwaite, LA. #Isaac #wfaaisaac

Storm could cause $1.5 billion in insured losses, More than 725,000 without power across five states (CNN)
Power could be out in some areas of Louisiana for as much as a week, Bill Mole, CEO of Entergy Louisiana, tells CNN affiliate WWL.

At least 673,039 customers are without power in Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas because of Hurricane Isaac, according to the latest numbers from power providers.

21 nursing home sheltered in place. 18 have HVAC capability, 1 evacuated; other three have other cooling solutions. 22 hospitals are on generator power. All hospitals have adequate fuel.More than 8,200 National Guard personnel are available for relief operations in Louisiana, Gov. Bobby Jindal says. As of this morning, 4,130 people are in shelters across Louisiana, the governor added.

Private levee in Plaquemines Parish (largest Parish affected) over topped, was slated to have Army Corps of  Engineers levee project begun; new development was started before this new levee was built, according to retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel HonorĂ© on CNN. President of the parish reports that even the winds of this Cat 1/2 hurricane were far beyond the estimates previously believed. (CNN) NWS NOLA: We have gotten a report relayed to us via HAM Radio that the Belle Chasse Ferry Landing had a wind gust of 113 mph at around 1:40AM CDT.

75 people were evacuated from Braithwaite, part of the new development noted above, with 150 more requesting same.

People are reminded not to attempt and become "independent contractors" or even first responders who wish to "self dispatch" themselves to an emergency scene desiring to participate in the rescues.
Presently the best course is to directly contribute to the American Red Cross Disaster services:

SERIOUS CONTINUOUS FLOODING AND FLASH FLOODS ARE EXPECTED, so it is imperative not to clog the roadways with unnecessary travel during this emergency. Emergency vehicles need to have the highways and byways clear to be able to conduct rescue operations and deliver supplies.

FLOOD CAUSE THE MOST DEATHS DURING ANY NATURAL DISASTER. If you ARE on the road and come upon a deep body of water, or where the depth can not be determined, FIND AN ALTERNATE ROUTE. YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT.

Unexpected flash tornadic activity is still forecast and remains a possibility even when no such forecast is made.

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